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The German powerhouse that is Mercedes Benz make some of the most stunning and beautiful cars available on the market today. Mercedes have a rich and illustrious history both in terms of road legal cars and also in F1 racing. It is a well known fact that their F1 cars heavily influence the technology that we get to see in their road going AMG sports models.

Purchasing a new Mercedes car is a simply and very straightforward process and here at Car Leasing Online we have been in the car leasing business for many years now and in todays blog we are going to look at some of the most popular  models available from Mercedes Benz.

C Class – A very popular car amongst business customers, the C Class is mainstay of the Mercedes models. It comes in a wide choice of different options and engine sizes and types. The most popular models are the c220d for business car users, as these come with great features as standard and are also environmentally friendly.

E Class – The E Class is a beautiful car that is available in both standard and estate versions. The E Class is a very executive model that has been around in various forms for many years. A very popular car with business users due to its high specification that comes as standard across all variations of the car.

A Class – A relatively new car to the Mercedes line up, the A Class is the smallest car in the Mercedes range. It appeals to a number of different demographics, from both younger users right through to older drivers. The A Class is perfect for everyday use and comes with a number of high specifications as standard.

S Class – The flagship car of the Mercedes Benz range, the S Class is a beast of a car. It competes directly with the Audi A8 and as such this model really does stack up in terms of build quality and specification. The S Class comes with a wide array of top quality features as standard and various engine sizes are also available. The range toping model, the S63 AMG is a awesome car and the AMG engine sounds amazing.

CLS Class – The CLS is a beautiful looking car with its slopping back and smooth features, it really is a show stopper of a car. As with the S Class, the CLS also directly competes with an Audi model. In this instance the CLS competes with the mighty A8.

GLA – The GLA is a fairly new car in the Mercedes line up and is a mix between a small SUV and a small car. These are really good looking cars that come in a number of different colours and are availible with various engine sizes. These appeal both to families and also single people, due to their versatility.

We have only covered a small number of cars here that Mercedes offer from their range and all the cars we have spoken about here are what we consider to be the most popular. Do you own or want to lease a Mercedes Benz for your next car? If so please do give Car Leasing Online a call and one of our car leasing experts will be happy to help.

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