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Proposed Credit and Maintenance Agreement Details

Annual Mileage
Period of Agreement 1 Months
Maintenance Cover Required No
Order Booking Fee £0.00 (ex VAT)

Credit Agreement Details

Initial Rental £0.00 (ex VAT) Paid before/after delivery
Monthly Lease Payment No
Monthly Maintenance Payment £0.00 (ex VAT)
Total Monthly Payment £0.00 (ex VAT)
Fee £0.00 (ex VAT) Paid after ordering

Prices inc VAT Prices subject to vehicle availability and any manufacturer’s price changes.
The payment terms are Deposit 6 in advance followed by 23 monthly payments commencing in month 2 payable by variable direct debit.

The order form contains the full vehicle specification including make, model, colour choices and optional extras.  Please ensure that you check the details as it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the details on the order form are correct and correspond exactly with the vehicle requested.  Carleasing-online accepts no responsibility for order forms being incorrect and subsequently accepts no responsibility for incorrect vehicle orders as a result of an incorrect order form. Upon signing the order form you confirm that we are to supply you the vehicle as described above. When you place an order you will be advised of an approximate delivery date.  This should be taken as an indication only and not an exact date.  Delivery of the vehicle is outside the control of Carleasing-online and therefore we accept no responsibility for delivery dates being changed by the dealer or manufacturer. Carleasing-online will not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from any delay in delivery.

Should you decide to cancel the order before delivery then you will be liable for a cancellation charge of £500 including vat.

Some diesel vehicles are fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and are required to be driven in a certain way and aren’t suitable for stop/start journeys. Should a DPF become damaged it is not covered by warranty and the customer must pay for a repair/replacement. By signing the order you confirm you are aware of this.