What are the top ten SUV’s on the market?

Land Rover Discovery Sport The Discovery sport combines all the features of the original Land Rover discovery with the technology and comfort of the 21st century. With a stylish exterior and practical interior, this vehicle will not disappoint on the road with its tidy steering, comfortable off-road feels and helpful technology features. Jaguar F-Pace The…more

All-round Best 4×4’s on the Market

4×4 SUVs are often considered as superb, all-round cars. With a combination of size, power and modern design, they are a comforting choice to many road-users today. What differentiates 4x4s from most other types of cars are predominately its size and ‘going-anywhere’ capability. With this in mind, there is an outstanding range of 4x4s on…more

What are the motor magazines loving this month?

The Mondial de l’Auto, otherwise known as the Paris Motor Show, is one of the biggest events on the motoring calendar and has caught the attention of popular motorist magazines including Top Gear, Autocar and Autotrader. Held in in Porte de Versailles exhibition centre, the Paris Motor Show features a selection of new and upcoming…more

Ford Focus 2018 VS VW Golf 2018

The Ford Focus is one of Britain’s most renowned family-friendly, cost-efficient cars currently out there on the market. It’s attractive pricing and general feel for handling places sits well in customer’s eyes. However, its head-to-head rival, the Volkswagen Golf sits in a close second place on WhatCar’s UK Best selling cars. In this blog, we…more

What’s New From Audi?

What’s new from Audi? The German car manufacturer consistently sets top-of-the-class bench-marks for high quality, technologically upgraded cars. This is no different for their upcoming releases in the SUV and hatchback sector. Audi Q3 SUV (November 2018) Exterior shot of the Audi Q3 SUV The second-generation Audi Q3 is set to launch in November 2018,…more

Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most popular way that people purchase their new cars here in the UK. In fact, 80% of all new cars on the road in the UK are financed and purchased through some form of car leasing arrangement. When it comes to leasing there are a couple of points to consider, firstly…more

Mercedes Car Leasing

The German powerhouse that is Mercedes Benz make some of the most stunning and beautiful cars available on the market today. Mercedes have a rich and illustrious history both in terms of road legal cars and also in F1 racing. It is a well known fact that their F1 cars heavily influence the technology that…more

Cheap Car Leasing

One of the main reasons car leasing is so popular is that it is really affordable for nearly everyone – so much so in fact that nearly 80% of all new cars on the road are purchased and financed in this way. Cheap car leasing allows you to get up and running and on the…more

Personal Car Leasing Blog

Personal car leasing is one of the most popular ways in which people purchase and finance their new cars here in the UK. There are a number of reasons that leasing your new car as a private customer is both popular and also a very viable way for people to buy and finance their new…more

Lease a New Car

Buying a new car is a large commitment, so its vital that you get the car you want at the price that you want. In today’s entry, I want to talk about leasing a new car and some of the associated benefits of doing so. When you lease a new car, you don’t actually own…more