All-round Best 4×4’s on the Market

4×4 SUVs are often considered as superb, all-round cars. With a combination of size, power and modern design, they are a comforting choice to many road-users today. What differentiates 4x4s from most other types of cars are predominately its size and ‘going-anywhere’ capability.

With this in mind, there is an outstanding range of 4x4s on the market. But which one is the best all-round 4×4? This is a difficult question to answer as each 4×4 will often have their own unique selling point and advantages.

Here are Carleasing’s available offers on some of the best 4x4s currently on offer.

Audi Q5

Regarded as one of Carbuyer’s Best 4x4s, the Audi Q5 is an exceptionally well-made 4×4, with one of the ‘best interiors in its class, featuring high-quality materials and a thoroughly modern design’ (Carbuyer’s Audi Q5 summary).

The 2018 version of the Q5 is a thorough re-work from previous models with a strong balance between performance and economy, achieving 150 – 286 bhp whilst returning an average of 42-57 mpg.

TopGear’s review on the 2018 Q5 regard it as the “perfect evolution of the super-popular Q5. The same, just better. Spot on.” Whilst the price is not exactly cheap once all the features are compiled together, the Q5 is a frequent bestseller in its segment.

Performance wise, the Q5 comes with four different diesel versions and one petrol version. More details on the exact engine specifications can be found in TopGear’s Driving section on the A5’s review.

Just like with any 4×4, the A5 doesn’t disappoint in terms of space. The Q5 seats is able to seat five people, and with it achieving 610 litres of available capacity. 1550 litre capacity can be achieved providing the rear seats are folded down.

As far as technology and interior goes, all Q5s comes with power-opening boots, along with five different modes for the gearbox and engine. A digitalised infotainment screen is also featured and can grow to 8.3 inches if the model is upgraded (which is recommended by Carbuyer’s review) as users will get a touchpad complete with handwriting recognition. More details on the Q5’s interior features are available at Carbuyer’s Q5 review.


Equally important to any potential buyer, price will play a considerable part in the final decision. The overall price for the Audi Q5 ranges from £33,355 to £57,045. Carleasing prices ranges from £373.97 to £418.46 per month for a 24 month contract. However alternative contracts and prices are available depending on the individual model. More information can be found on Carleasing’s Q5 price page.

Land Rover Velar

The Velar is a combination of modern, luxurious and expensive features with technological sophistication and “the highly accomplished ride and handling to be considered superior to the premium-branded medium-sized SUVs” (Autocar’s review on the Velar).

Carwow argues that it “bridges the gap between the smaller Evoque and the larger Range Rover Sport”. The strong, stylish design is seen to be more eye-catching than its competitors such as the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5.

As with any 4×4, size is what helps sell the car. The Velar is no different. The 558 litre boot capacity can easily accommodate for the family. The 40:20:40 split when seats are folded down allows users to carry three passengers in the rear with plenty of luggage in the boot at the same time.

All models are equipped with a futuristic-looking dual-screen infotainment system, allowing the 4×4 to follow the high-tech, modern car trend. Whilst the lack of a satellite navigation system slightly lets the Velar’s technological credibility down, the fully digitalised instrument panel along with a centre console with refined graphical resolution is a significant improvement from previous models. On the whole, the high-tech features that come with the Velar is a huge part of it’s general appeal.

An in-depth review of the Velar’s interior features can be found at Carwow’s Land Rover Velar Review.

Fuel economy will ultimately differ depending on the model, but Miles Per Gallon (MPG) ranges from 34-49. More information can be found in Carwow’s Velar specifications. As for performance, every model comes with 4-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Users can choose from a range of three petrol and three diesel engines. More detailed information on the Valer’s performance can be found on Autocar’s Valer Review.

As far as driving goes, Carwow’s expert Mat Watson argues “The Valer’s relatively comfortable on the move, but the optional air suspension is a must-have feature.” Such features will inevitably increase the price which is something worth noting for the Velar.

In terms of pricing, offers range from £44,830 – £72,630. But as for leasing offers, pricing ranges from £397.57 to £682.84 for a 24 month contract. However, prices will differ depending on models available and length of contract. More information can be found on Carleasing’s Land Rover Valer pricing page.

What are the motor magazines loving this month? – The Paris Motor Show 2018

The Mondial de l’Auto, otherwise known as the Paris Motor Show, is one of the biggest events on the motoring calendar and has caught the attention of popular motorist magazines including Top Gear, Autocar and Autotrader. Held in in Porte de Versailles exhibition centre, the Paris Motor Show features a selection of new and upcoming cars from some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Whilst the event has showcased some of the more extravagant upcoming vehicles, there were a number of significant new launches that appealed to many interested motorists.

Here are some of the launches that may be of interest to you.

BMW 3 Series Saloon

Exterior Shot of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon

One of BMW’s biggest seller, the 7th generation 3 series saloon is set to release in March 2019 with a bigger, technologically upgraded and lighter design. The new 3 series will feature new interior technology including a 12.3 inch digital cockpit (which is the first time in a 3 series) as well as an upgraded infotainment system allowing the driver to access it through a centre console, speech recognition or gesture control. Other technological additions include the removal of a manual handbrake with a switch replacing the older version, providing more space for interior usage. Equally worth noticing is the new 3 Series saloon will be available in a plug-in hybrid version for the first time.

For more detailed information and specifications on the details of the 7th generation 3 Series Saloon, take a look at TopGear’s review on the 3 series, or Autocar’s 3 Series review.

Interior view of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon

As far as pricing goes for this next generation 3 series, the stated price will begin at £33,610. Given that this version is set to release in 2019, why not take a look at our current leasing offers available for the current BMW 3 Series? Offers range from £287.04 – £293.57 for a 24 month contract, however alternative contract lengths are available.

Land Rover Defender

One of the more exciting cars that has caught the attention of popular motorist magazines is the new Land Rover Defender, set to launch in 2020.

This modified version is a new Defender, although many of the details are disclosed until closer to the official release date, a spokesperson has stated from Jaguar Land Rover that “We can confirm that the Defender programme is progressing well and has reached an exciting stage of its development.” It was also noted that the 2020 version Defender will be “true to its heritage, while meeting the requirements of a changing global market.” (Quotes from TopGear’s brief insight into the Land Rover Defender 2020)

As the original defender was a significant part of the world’s motoring landscape, the 2020 version has a lot of potential to live up to. More information on what can be expected from this hot new 4×4 can be found at Autocar’s blog post on the latest Defender.

According to Autocar’s post on the new Defender, pricing has tipped to range from £40,000 to £70,000. As official leasing prices have not been announced yet, why not look at our current leasing offers for Land Rover availability?

Audi A1

Having already mentioned the Audi A1 in a previous blog post on What’s New From Audi, the A1 has once again come into the spotlight and attracted a lot of attention at the Paris Motor Show 2018.

This modern-day hatchback was a prominent feature in the Paris Motor Show, largely because of it’s general attractiveness to a variety of potential customers. This model will be Audi’s smallest car and will be available to order in the UK from November 2018 at £18,000.

The second-generation A1 has the aim of drawing new and young customers to the brand with its sporting credentials by offering three different trim level: SE, Sport and S Line, as well as a S1 model coming out later in 2019 with 230 bhp. Autocar’s post on the A1’s announcement at the Paris Motor Show stated that ‘the sportier A1 will draw heavily on high-tech safety and convenience kit.’

Technology is also a significant feature with the A1. Besides the virtual cockpit with a digital 10.25 inch instrument cluster, the A1 will feature a ‘pre-sense front’ which uses radar-sensing technology to notify the driver of nearby surrounding obstacles. Not only this, but according to Autoevolution’s post on the upcoming A1, the A1’s ‘phone box’ will improve reception’ and ‘inductive charging is also featured’. All in all, the A1 is certainly a small hatchback that is attracting a lot of attention in customer’s eyes.

Leasing prices for the A1 Sportback have not been announced yet, however previous Sportback versions are available on Carleasing Sportback Leasing offers page. Prices range from £259.82 to £321.79 per month for a 24 month contract. However, alternative contract lengths are available.

It is certainly an exciting time in the motor industry and there a lot to look forward to in the near future. Stay updated on new Car leasing offers on our official website.

Ford Focus 2018 VS VW Golf 2018

The Ford Focus is one of Britain’s most renowned family-friendly, cost-efficient cars currently out there on the market. It’s attractive pricing and general feel for handling places sits well in customer’s eyes. However, its head-to-head rival, the Volkswagen Golf sits in a close second place on WhatCar’s UK Best selling cars.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at these key rivals to provide a comprehensive overview on where these market-leaders stand.

Starting off with the 2018 Ford Focus, from an immediate glance customers can resemble the front grille from previous Focus models, ensuring customers can still feel a part of the Ford family. However the striking and sporty design is evident from every angle, allowing Ford to maintain an upgraded, aesthetic edge in its newest generation of cars.

Exterior view of the 2018 Ford Focus

Exterior design manager Jordan Demkiw stated to Autoexpress that “The Focus is now lower and wider than before. We have been able to achieve all the good metrics of car design while offering more space.”

The updated appearance doesn’t stop at the exterior design. Whilst many of the engines from previous models are carried over, a new 1.5 litre three cylinder turbo powered petrol engine comes with it, producing 148-180 bhp. The added cylinder deactivation system allows users to be more fuel-efficient with their driving when it comes to travelling long distances.

Along with the fourth-generation’s sharp design and added technology, the Focus arrives with seven different trim levels (Style, Zetec, ST-line, ST-line Z, Titanium, Titanium X and Vignale), allowing for a more selective, customer experience.

As far as driving experience goes, Autocar’s review on the 1.5 Litre version of the Focus stated that “It drives really nicely. As in best-in-class nicely.”

They also go on to state that the 1.5 version is “quiet and smooth”, with it achieving 51.4 mpg on the new and updated fuel cycle.

Their overall opinion was that the compelling design, driving quality, added technology and various features within the car makes the Focus “a compelling proposition”.  Their verdict was “the new Focus keeps its sport at the top of the dynamic tree but adds extra functionality too.”

Exterior, driving shot of the Ford Focus 2018

It seems then that the new Focus is certainly a worthy player in the hot hatchback sector. As for pricing, leasing prices start from (as per 26/09/18)  £160.38 – £470.40 for a 24 month contract, however alternative contract lengths are available on Carleasing’s pricing page.

As attractive as the latest Focus maybe, we should not be too hastily to ignore the Focus’s main rival, the Volkswagen Golf.

The VW Golf is another key player in the hot hatchback sector, with it remaining as Europe’s biggest selling new car and was the UK’s most popular family hatchback in 2017.

Much like the Ford Focus, the Golf is classed as a superb, all rounder that offers everything that most people will need in a car.

What is worth noting however, is that according to’s review on the latest Golf Hatchback, it “doesn’t dominate its class in the way previous versions did… that’s down to the competition upping its game rather than VW’s standards slipping.

This should not however put off customer attention in anyway. The new Golf comes in a range of models starting from S trim, and rises through to SE, SE Nav, GT and R-line. This is not accounting for any of their five performance alternatives, or the more eco-efficient versions such as their previous Bluemotion version.

As for power, VW will make their current 128 bhp version of the 1.5 TSI engine available for the 2018 Golf at a lower price point. However a 148 bhp engine can be achieved with the GT or R-line version. More information on engine specifications and power can be found at Whatcar’s Golf Review.

Equally important to any consumer is fuel-efficiency, and no doubt the Golf lives up to these expectations. All versions of the 2018 Golf offer promising fuel economy, with the 1.0 TSI Litre version claiming to reach 60.1 mpg and the 1.6 TDI version reaching 72.4 mpg, substantially triumphing over the Ford Focus.

As far as interior goes, Autocar state that the “advancement of Golf generations is nowhere more apparent than on the inside.” They argue that the Golf “remains the uber-Hatchback.” Through the Vienna leather upholstery, dual zone analogue instruments, and various other technological features, the Golf is the “perfect compromise of bottom-line cost and understated taste.”

Interior view of the VW Golf

As for an overall verdict, Autocar’s review on the 2018 Golf argue that the “facelifted Golf remains at the head of the pack, and by doing so keeping the Ford Focus, Seat Leon, (and other key rivals) at arms length.”

Leasing prices for the 2018 VW Golf Hatchback starts at (as per 26/09/18)  £181.81 – £319.68 for a 24 month contract, however other contract lengths are available at Carleasing’s pricing page.

Overall, both hatchbacks are incredibly worthy and credible opponents in the car market, as evident from current UK best-selling car polls. If distinguishing features and pricing does not sway consumer opinions, perhaps brand loyalty will ultimately make the final decision.

What’s New From Audi?

What’s new from Audi?

The German car manufacturer consistently sets top-of-the-class bench-marks for high quality, technologically upgraded cars. This is no different for their upcoming releases in the SUV and hatchback sector.

Audi Q3 SUV (November 2018)

Audi Q3

Exterior shot of the Audi Q3 SUV

The second-generation Audi Q3 is set to launch in November 2018, with it having a fresh take on the premium SUV. The new model will be technologically upgraded, larger and more comfortable than before.

With similar models such as the BMW X2 and the Range Rover Evoque already on the market, the Q3’s bold, family-friendly style also follows a more muscular appearance compared to Audi’s previous Q2 model.

The Q3’s interior features high-quality materials, allowing it to have a slick, sharp and sporty design. The updated technology is evident from Audi’s virtual cockpit digital dials with built-in touch-screen technology, as well as optional ambient lighting with over 30 selectable colours at your choosing.

Due to the Q3’s larger design, boot space measures in at 675 litres (providing rear seats are slid forward), or even 1,525 litres can be achieved with the 40:20:40 split rear seats folded flat, making it more suitable for the family-friendly customer.

The Q3 will be offered with users choosing between three different petrol engines and one diesel engine. More details on the exact engine specifications can be found at Car Buyer’s news on the new Q3 model.

Audi Q3 Interior

Interior view of the Audi Q3 SUV

As far as leasing offers go, (as per 19/09/18) pricing starts at £229.09 – £378.81 for a 24 month contract (pricing depends on different Q3 versions). Different contracts are available, but more information on leasing prices can be found here.

The Q3 is certainly a worthy opponent to take on the WhatCar’s Car of the Year, the Volvo XC40. For more general and detailed information on the latest Audi Q3 SUV model, take a look at Carbuyer’sin-depth review. 

2018 Audi Q8The Q3 isn’t the only addition to Audi’s SUV range. With SUVs continuing to take up a large portion of the car market, Audi’s continuing strive to deliver doesn’t stop there.

The Q8 is another take on the SUV market, with it being positioned above Audi’s previous Q7 model with a more stylish, striking and desirable design.

The Q8 is set to take on its major rivals including the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe, both credible competitors in redefining the coupe SUV market. This is done through the Q8’s redefined style with upgraded features and technology.

That being said, technology always plays a part in Audi’s latest versions of cars and is no different here. The full-width LED lighting combined with the larger grille helps fulfil the refined, sportier appearance.

Audi Q8

Exterior shot of the Audi Q8 2018

The interior technology focuses on providing sharp, ease-of-use general conveniences by integrating touch dual screen infotainment systems, with the Virtual cockpit 12.3 inch standard digital dials supporting the car’s general ease of use. A more comprehensive, detailed overview on the Q8’s cabin features and technologies can be found at Autocar’s Q8 review.

As for leasing prices, (as per 19/09/18) the upgraded SUV starts at £726.76 – £948.84 for a 24 month contract, however other contracts are available on Carleasing’s website.

This is something to look forward to in Audi’s SUV range, but equally exciting is Audi’s new take on the hot hatchback sector.

Audi A1 Sportback (November 2018)

Audi is also upgrading their efforts in the hot hatchback sector, with the new A1 Sportback coming out in November this year.

Audi A1

Exterior shot of the Audi A1 Sportback

The second-generation hot hatchback will follow a sporting new look with advanced cabin tech, drawing on high-tech safety with general convenience.

Audi aims to make this latest model a key competitor with the current hot-selling Mini, in an attempt to make it the most generously equipped supermini on sale.

The latest A1 will be the smallest model in Audi’s range, with a sporting design in the hopes of drawing new and young customers to the brand. The increase in size (4 meters long) helps to meet general conveniences by increasing interior cabin space and adding 65 litres of luggage capacity.

he sporting elements allow the A1’s power to come from a choice of turbocharged TSFI petrol engines (no diesel version offered).

Depending on the individual models offered, some of the top models are offered with firmer sports suspension, depending on how much sportiness you are looking for.

Audi A1 Interior

 Exterior shot of the Audi A1 Sportback

As for the A1’s high-tech features, the A1 comes with a multi-functional steering wheel with an all-digital instrument cluster. The centre console comes with touchscreen capabilities and a sat-nav system with internet-connected location search capabilities. Health and safety technology is met with the A1’s pre-sense radar-based technology that is capable of recognising other motorists, cyclists in a variety of weather conditions to help offer accident mitigation.

It seems that Audi have caught up on the hot hatchback sector with its rivals such as the Ford Fiesta, Minihatchback and VW Polo winning over customer support throughout this last year.Starting price is close to the Mini, (as per 19/09/18) coming in at £16,500 and £16,605 for the five-door form.  As for leasing prices, a variety of offers are available for the Audi A1 Sportback (as per 19/09/18)starts from £206.15 to £356.59 for a 24 month contract (pricing depends on different A1 versions). More information is available on Carleasing’s webpage.

If the latest A1 Sportback is something that has caught your attention, find more details on Audi’s latest A1 Sportback by visiting Audi’s exclusive page.

Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most popular way that people purchase their new cars here in the UK. In fact, 80% of all new cars on the road in the UK are financed and purchased through some form of car leasing arrangement. When it comes to leasing there are a couple of points to consider, firstly are you going to be leasing the car personally or through a business agreement? On personal / private agreements all the prices quoted include VAT, whereas on a business lease all prices exclude VAT. This is the main principal difference between the two agreements.

Business Car Leasing – as a business owner or company director it is one of the perks of the job that you get to choose what car you want and to some extent how much you choose to pay. Having said this, in todays world when you lease a car through your business there are now a number of points to consider. The government has made it very clear that buying new cars that are CO2 emissions friendly and eco friendly mean that you will get the most tax relief at the end of each year. As a result of this hybrid and green cars have become very popular with business users. Cars such as the Audi A3 are now very popular because of their green appeal.

Personal / Private Customers – When you buy a new car on personal lease you get exactly the same car as you would if you went into a dealership. You get the same warranty, specification and cover as you would normally expect. The main difference is what you pay for the car. As an online business we use various lenders and negotiate deals in bulk on many different cars and as such we can save money on the cost of the lease when we supply them to you. All cars are delivered free of charge to address across the UK and normally take anywhere from 8-12 weeks for delivery.  The main benefit of leasing your new car from Car Leasing Online is that the monthly repayment is fixed and as such won’t change over the duration of the lease, allowing you to monitor and manage your money finances more efficiently.

If you need any help or advice in choosing your next new car or have any questions about leasing then please do give us a call on 0151 356 5629 and one of our car leasing experts will be on hand to help. We are open Monday – Friday 09.00-17.30  and are ready and waiting to take your call. Please do also follow us on our social media pages where we post and share some of our latests offers.

Mercedes Car Leasing

The German powerhouse that is Mercedes Benz make some of the most stunning and beautiful cars available on the market today. Mercedes have a rich and illustrious history both in terms of road legal cars and also in F1 racing. It is a well known fact that their F1 cars heavily influence the technology that we get to see in their road going AMG sports models.

Purchasing a new Mercedes car is a simply and very straightforward process and here at Car Leasing Online we have been in the car leasing business for many years now and in todays blog we are going to look at some of the most popular  models available from Mercedes Benz.

C Class – A very popular car amongst business customers, the C Class is mainstay of the Mercedes models. It comes in a wide choice of different options and engine sizes and types. The most popular models are the c220d for business car users, as these come with great features as standard and are also environmentally friendly.

E Class – The E Class is a beautiful car that is available in both standard and estate versions. The E Class is a very executive model that has been around in various forms for many years. A very popular car with business users due to its high specification that comes as standard across all variations of the car.

A Class – A relatively new car to the Mercedes line up, the A Class is the smallest car in the Mercedes range. It appeals to a number of different demographics, from both younger users right through to older drivers. The A Class is perfect for everyday use and comes with a number of high specifications as standard.

S Class – The flagship car of the Mercedes Benz range, the S Class is a beast of a car. It competes directly with the Audi A8 and as such this model really does stack up in terms of build quality and specification. The S Class comes with a wide array of top quality features as standard and various engine sizes are also available. The range toping model, the S63 AMG is a awesome car and the AMG engine sounds amazing.

CLS Class – The CLS is a beautiful looking car with its slopping back and smooth features, it really is a show stopper of a car. As with the S Class, the CLS also directly competes with an Audi model. In this instance the CLS competes with the mighty A8.

GLA – The GLA is a fairly new car in the Mercedes line up and is a mix between a small SUV and a small car. These are really good looking cars that come in a number of different colours and are availible with various engine sizes. These appeal both to families and also single people, due to their versatility.

We have only covered a small number of cars here that Mercedes offer from their range and all the cars we have spoken about here are what we consider to be the most popular. Do you own or want to lease a Mercedes Benz for your next car? If so please do give Car Leasing Online a call and one of our car leasing experts will be happy to help.

Cheap Car Leasing

One of the main reasons car leasing is so popular is that it is really affordable for nearly everyone – so much so in fact that nearly 80% of all new cars on the road are purchased and financed in this way. Cheap car leasing allows you to get up and running and on the road in a short amount of time and in a brand new car.

Cheap car leasing is a great way to get into a brand new and reliable car and there is a great choice of cars available for under £150 per month. Typically in this price bracket small cars are often the most popular and there is a real plethora of cars available in this category.

Some of the most popular small cars on the market today that are available on a cheaper or lower ongoing lease deals include:

Vauxhall Adam – The latest small car from Vauxhall, the Adam is a stylish and sporty looking car that is both capable and affordable.

Renault Clio – The iconic Clio – this model has been a mainstay for Renault for many years and for good reason. Clio’s have been exceptionally popular both in the UK and beyond and their reliability and build quality have helped cement them as a firm favourite amongst customers.

Volkswagen Up – Volkswagen make some beautiful cars and the VW Up is a cracking small car that is very popular here in the UK. Added to this is the superior German build quality that comes as standard.

Mazda 2 Hatch – The Japanese brand make cars that stand the test of time and the Mazda 2 is no different. An amazing car that comes with a lot of specification as standard. You always get a lot of kit on cars from Japan and this model is further proof of this.

Vauxhall Corsa – The Corsa has something of a cult following in the UK and with good reason. The Corsa model has been around in a variety of different shapes for a number of years and comes with a wide choice of engine sizes and they have been popular with both younger and older generations of drivers.

Fiat 500 –  The classic Italian car, the Fiat 500  has a beautiful and rich history that is decades old now. The 500 is one of the most popular cars in Europe and if you have ever had the pleasure of driving one you will now what I mean… bellisimo!

Shown above are some of the most popular small cars that are available on cheap car leasing deals. They are also available on both business lease and on personal lease depending on how you plan on leasing your car. There are a number of benefits to leasing your next new car, both as a private customer and also as a business customers. A number of our previous blogs explain some of the benefits of car leasing.

Do you currently lease the car that you drive? If so what has been your experience? What car is it that you chose to lease and how have you found the whole process? Please do comment in the box below and share your thoughts and experiences with us so that other customers can make the best, most informed decisions about their next car.

Personal Car Leasing Blog

Personal car leasing is one of the most popular ways in which people purchase and finance their new cars here in the UK. There are a number of reasons that leasing your new car as a private customer is both popular and also a very viable way for people to buy and finance their new car. This includes things such as peace of mind, as all car leased through us are all brand new and come with full manufactures warranty. Car leasing can also be useful in helping you plan your finances as the monthly payment remains the same for the duration of your agreement.

When it comes to financing your new car on a personal car leasing agreement there are a number of different finance deals available. This includes options such as PCP (Personal Contract Hire), PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and Hire Purchase. Each one of these finance options offer you a slightly different option and all allow you to get on the road in a brand new car, subject to you passing a credit check. For more information on the various finance options, please click here.

This short video from Mercedes explains briefly how their leasing works

Personal car leasing has been around for many years now and it is easy to see why nearly 80% of new car purchases for private customers are purchased in this way. For many people it’s nice to know that you can update or upgrade your car every couple of years and it is this flexibility that is appealing. Personal leasing is available on a wide variety of cars from nearly all manufactures and here at Car Leasing Online we have been helping to get customers into new cars for over 10 years. It is this extensive experience that allows us to pride ourselves on our service levels and pricing –  meaning that our customer get the car that they want at the price they want.

If you are new to personal or private leasing and need any help, advice or guidance on the whole process or if you have any questions please do give us a call on 0151 356 5629 and one of our car leasing experts will happily explain the process for you in detail.

Lease a New Car

Buying a new car is a large commitment, so its vital that you get the car you want at the price that you want. In today’s entry, I want to talk about leasing a new car and some of the associated benefits of doing so. When you lease a new car, you don’t actually own the vehicle, the leasing company own it and essentially you are ‘hiring’ the car for a period of time. This is probably the easiest way to explain how car leasing works.

Having said this though, here in the UK it is the most popular way in which people buy their new cars. Leasing a new car has a number of benefits for both personal customers and business customers and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Some of the benefits of leasing a new car can include being able to plan and manage your monthly outgoing more efficiently, as the monthly rental is fixed for the duration of the agreement. If you are a business user there are also other benefits such as company car tax allowance, VAT relief and fuel allowances that will all help with your end off year accounts and tax bill.

When you lease a new car you are getting a brand new vehicle that comes with a full manufactures warranty – as you would if you went into a dealer and purchased the car. The good thing about leasing a new car from us is that you don’t even have to leave your house to get your new car! Once you know what car you want after searching on our website, you can simply apply for finance online with us and once approved, we will be in touch to arrange delivery. What’s more, delivery is free to all address in the UK! In addition to this we also deliver to both your home or work address, meaning that you don’t need to worry about missing us!

Leasing a new Car has never been easier and here at Car Leasing Online we have been helping people get the cars they want for over 10 years now. If you are new to car leasing and have any questions or need any help or advice in choosing what car you would like or need then please do reach out and give us a call. Our team of leasing experts are on hand ready to help and can guide you through the whole process. if you have leased from us before then why not comment in the box below and share your expereinces with us and other website users so that they can make informed decisions.

Low Deposit Car Leasing

Car leasing allows your to buy your new car quite quickly and offers you flexibility in how much you choose to pay both for the initial payment and also ongoing for the duration of the leasing agreement. In today’s entry we are going to look at low deposit car leasing options and talk about the pros and cons of using this leasing option.

One of the principal benefits of a low deposit car leasing deal is that the initial payment, often referred to as the deposit, is quite low. This initial payment is literally just one months rental and is paid shortly after delivery of your vehicle. This allows you to drive away in your new car without having to put down and invest a lot of your money/capital.

The downside to this, generally speaking is that it raises your ongoing monthly payments as the more put down (pay as a deposit) the less you will pay each month on an ongoing basis. In the car leasing world you can put down anything from one months payment up to twelve months payments as a deposit and this flexibility is one of the main reason many people choose to leas their cars rather than purchase them outright.

In additional to choosing what deposit to put down you can also choose the period (how long) you want to lease your car over. The most popular leasing terms are generally 24-36 months and this is true for both business customers and also personal / private customers. By getting this flexibility it allows you to change or update your car fairly regularly and also takes the stress and worry out of your motoring. All cars from Car Leasing Online are brand new and come with full UK manufactures warranty.

Low deposit car leasing is a great way to get yourself on the road in a brand new car and many of our customers come back once their existing lease have come to an end. We have an excellent retention rate of customers and this is due to our excellent customer service, prices and cars that we provide. If your existing lease is due to come to and end in the next 2-3 months it is worth considering getting your new car ordered now. Quite often with new cars they can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to be delivered. Having said this, if you are coming to the end of your existing agreement and need any help or advice – especially around low deposit car leasing then please do give us a call. Our team of car leasing experts are hand to answer any questions that you may have.

If you have used us before or if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions then please do comment in the box below. We love to hear from our customers.

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