Terms and Conditions

This page tells you about the terms and conditions both about Carleasing-online and in engaging in a contract sourced through us.  Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before placing an order for any of the vehicles listed on this site.  By placing an order, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Carleasing-online is a trading style of Mercury Vehicle Solutions Ltd.

These terms may be amended from time to time, the latest iteration is as of 09/11/17

Previous iterations of the terms can be requested should these have changed post placing an order, you may wish to print these out for your records.

The offers on this site are predominately Contract Hire Offers (for business) or Personal Contract Hire offers (for individuals). Should the finance type be different this will be highlighted. Should you want an alternative finance type, please contact us on 01513 56 56 29

Our offers are subject to finance acceptance. Our offers can change at any time. Our offers are conditional on us being able to source the car after acceptance. Some offers are on stock vehicles and whilst we endeavour to obtain stock numbers, this can change quickly. We order through franchised dealerships and our delivery updates come directly from them, we are not responsible for any costs or inconvenience caused by manufacturer/ dealer delays.

Not keeping up repayments could result in your agreement being terminated and the vehicle returned to the funder used. Your credit rating could be adversely affected which will make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future.

Our pricing team aim to ensure are prices are correct but from time to time we may not be informed a third-party offer has been withdrawn so the offer may no longer be available. If this is the case, you will be advised the offer has ended or if there are alternatives available.



Sometimes terminology can be used which can be unfamiliar. The terms below explain some of this terminology. Should there be anything on the site that is unclear, please ask

Cancellation Rights: You have rights to cancel before or during an agreement, these are stated below in Section: PERSONAL CUSTOMERS (CONSUMER)

Credit Check: In order to secure finance for you we have to pass your details to a finance company, who will search your credit file with credit reference agencies (including but not solely Experian and Equifax). This search will also show on your credit file.

Finance Agreement: you will be introduced to a finance provider following receipt of your application and the completion of a Credit Check. You will then enter into a finance agreement with a finance provider in order to or lease the Vehicle identified in your order.  We may receive a commission payment from these finance providers.

Initial Payment: is the initial rental payable to your finance provider, which will be collected by the finance company sometimes prior to delivery, sometimes post delivery

Manufacturer: is the relevant manufacturer of the vehicle;

Order/Order form: This is a full description of the vehicle we are to place on order. The responsibility for checking the specification of the car, options, transmission, fuel type and colour lies with the customer before signing and returning. Carleasing-online reserve the right to cancel an order at anytime

Order booking fee: This is a fee taken at point of order and covers part of our administration costs in procuring the vehicle and setting up the finance agreement.

Our Site: The images, text, cookies, data and pricing on the site www.carleasing-online.co.uk

Quote: The provision from us to you of a price relating to a specific vehicle or vehicles from the parameters as laid out in the quote document. A quote is only an indication of price and is not a binding contract

Services: The service provided by us to you including but not solely. Quoting, passing information to finance companies for credit check, ordering vehicle(s), providing finance documentation, arranging vehicle(s) delivery.

Terms of agreement:  We use many finance companies who all have different terms and conditions, these are provided at the point of signing the contract

Terms of quote: Including contract length, Initial rental amounts, annual mileage, excess mileage rate, vehicle and extras

VAT: means value added tax as provided for in the Value Added Tax Act 1994. Currently VAT is 20%

Vehicle(s): is the vehicle and/or vehicles matching the description and specification as displayed



The images on our site are provided by IDS data as is the technical data and specifications of the vehicles. Whilst we endeavour to keep our site up to date, we are not responsible for the data provided. As such it is you (the customer)’s responsibility to check:

  1. The colour of the vehicle – different screens can result in differing colours/tones being displayed and not accurately represented
  2. The specification of the vehicle being ordered
  3. The technical specification of the vehicle being ordered


Our images shown are for illustration of the model only and may not be the exact specification of the vehicle ordered (for example may have different alloys, styling etc)


Carleasing-online will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by a customer on reliance on the data held on the site www.carleasing-online.co.uk





You must be at least 18 years old and resident in the UK

You must have a driving licence

You may be asked to provide proofs of identity as part of the credit check process and may be asked to provide copy of insurance before delivery of your vehicle

The prices on our consumer (personal leasing) section include VAT at current rates

Personal contract hire is regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, even though the agreement is for hire and does not offer the option to purchase.


The Consumer Credit Act 1974 defines a consumer hire agreement as an agreement made by a person with an individual (the ‘hirer’) for the contract hiring of vehicles, subject to the following:


The agreement is not a hire purchase agreement

The agreement must last for more than three months

Distance Marketing Regulations 2004

Cancellation Distance Marketing

You will have the right to cancel or withdraw from the personal contract agreement for a period of 14 days, relating to Distance Marketing Regulations 2004. This act regulates distance selling that is not face to face and not conducted on trade premises.

The 14-day cooling off period begins the day after the agreement is made (signed), being determined by the date on which the contract hire company sign it, not the date you sign.

Exercising your cancellation can be actioned by writing to the contract hire company within the 14-day cooling off period, stating that you wish to cancel the agreement.

If you exercise your right to cancel, you will be entitled to be returned any money paid to it by you (or by any person on your behalf) less a charge for any service provided to you under this agreement as to your instructions or request, prior to the expiry of the cancellation period.

If you do not exercise your right to cancel during the cancellation period, this agreement will remain in full force and effect and its terms and conditions will bind you.

Cancellation rights do not apply if this agreement was completed face to face with the contract hire employee or representative, upon trade premises.

Cancellation by handing vehicle back early: Early settlement terms and conditions are detailed on the finance agreement. The norm is that no rebates are due if you wish to hand the vehicle back under 12 months into the agreement. After 12 months, settlement rebates may be available. Please refer to your agreement prior to signing, as early termination can prove costly.


You must have authority from the business to enter into an agreement on their behalf

Accounts may need to be provided as part of the credit process.

The finance company may suggest an alternative profile (including greater initial payment) if the business has been trading less than 3 years

We may require personal details of directors of the business for the finance company to carry out personal searches as part of the credit process

Directors may be asked to provide proofs of identity/address as part of the credit process

Prices stated on our Business section of the site are exclusive of VAT



Should for any reason outwith our control, the quote, vehicle or finance becomes unavailable, we reserve the right to cancel the order and incur no loss

Should an order have to be cancelled by Carleasing-online, we will refund in full any fees paid up to this point




We will provide you with an estimated delivery date of the vehicle (s). Whilst we endeavour to achieve these dates, we are reliant on manufacturer updates and vehicles can from time to time be delayed due to (for example but not limited to):

Factory shutdowns

Logistics issues

Manpower issues

Other issues outwith our control


We aim to keep you informed of any updates as and when we are informed. We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to vehicle delays


Our Site contains pricing on many vehicles.  It is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the vehicles listed may be incorrectly priced. If we discover an error in the price of any vehicle, we will contact you to inform you of this error and we will give you the option of continuing with the order at the correct price or you may cancel.


Some of our offers are based on stock vehicles and whilst correct at the time, stock can change quickly. Should a standard car be sold out, we will offer an alternative as best we can, although this may include optional extras which we would include in the cost of the lease


Offers can change or be removed at any time both by ourselves and by the finance companies we use. Should these change during the process we will offer you the chance to take a vehicle at the new price or cancel with no penalty to yourself


Any VAT, Road tax or interest rate changes that occur between order and delivery will be passed on and if pre-delivery an option to cancel will be given



The order booking fee can be paid by bank transfer (details provided at time of order) or by credit card. If cancelling for any reason after 14 days, fee’s are non-refundable.

The fee payment covers the work done and costs encountered by Carleasing-online to get you to the point of order


All cars we supply are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty


We are not authorised to advise on insurances

All leased cars must have fully comprehensive insurance taken out by the lessor


We can be contacted by phone 01513 565629

Email: Sales@carleasing-online.co.uk

Complaints: please see our complaints procedure here: www.carleasing-online.co.uk/complaints-handling-procedure