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Vehicle Maintenance

In order to keep a cars warranty valid (and to keep you safe on the road!) all cars have to be serviced and maintained as per manufacturers guidelines.

With a lease car you have two options when it comes to this:

  1. Cover all maintenance costs yourself
  2. Take a maintenance option with your lease contract and have all costs covered

As regards to what is best for you, it can vary from car to car and contract to contract (as mileages can be different). You will need to consider the monthly maintenance cost versus what you would be likely to pay if arranging yourself.

Cars typically have to be serviced at a main franchised dealership. Some finance companies allow other approved garages to service cars (as long as approved manufacturer parts are used). With a service contract we will advise where you can take the car to be serviced.

One of the checks leasing companies do at the end of the contract is with the service book, not having the required number of services can lead to a charge at the end of contract (plus not getting a car serviced can invalidate the warranty, not to mention leave you driving a car that may not be roadworthy).

What’s included?

Generally maintained contracts will include all servicing, brakes, tyres, exhausts, wipers etc.

In the main glass repairs (windscreens, lights) are not included in the cover

Some funders (such as Lex) provide a one call service where you can call them to book your car in & they will arrange it all for you

If you want use of a vehicle when your car is in being serviced, you will still need to arrange this yourself with the garage you choose to get the car serviced at

Any accidental damage to the car is not covered under the agreement

Any MOT and associated costs are included in the cover.

What does a maintenance package cost?

There is no set amount for the cost of maintenance; it varies depending on the vehicle and the type of contract you request. Naturally it is more expensive over higher mileages, as there is more wear and tear on the tyres and other parts.

Should I take Maintenance?

We are always looking to get the best option that suits your needs. You will never be sold into a product which isn’t right for your needs, and the choice is always yours.

We can give you quotes with and without maintenance included to allow you to make a decision. The final choice is completely up to you, some drivers like having complete peace of mind with no unexpected costs from day one, which maintenance provides.

If you chose not to take maintenance cover with your vehicle you must remember that you are in charge of maintaining the vehicle yourself.

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