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Personal leasing is the most popular way in which people purchase their new cars here in the UK. Within personal leasing there are a number of options and different financial packages available and this includes:

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PCH - Personal contract hire applies solely to private individuals here in the UK and is how nearly all new privately owned cars are financed. PCP is fixed term agreement that usually last between 2-4 years and each monthly repayment is fixed, meaning that you now how much you are going to be paying every month. At the end of the fixed term period you simply return the vehicle with nothing more to pay and the contract is finished.

PCP - Personal contract purchase is similar I some aspects to personal contract hire, although the main difference is that at the end of the agreement you have the option to buy the car with one final payment, often referred to as the ballon payment.

Hire Purchase - this offer you the opportunity of funding the complete cost of your new car minus any initial desposit that you have paid (typical deposits are between 10%-40% of purchase price). Hire purchase repayments are often more expensive compared to other finance options as you are paying for the complete price of buying and owning the car at the end of the agreement.

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